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Cú Chulainn's 2nd story flat

Fear can be stylish

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New Bio--

I'm an undergrad student at Kenyon college, studying theatre and classical history. I'm also a musician, making me virtualy unemployable. Fortunatly, I don't spend much money.

My main bent is directing Greet tragedy---along with Bogart's Viewpoints work, Suzuki's stuff, and anything that combines them.

I saw Bogart's production of Hotel Cassiopia and it might have changed my life.

I play as many instruments as I can get my hands on, in as many styles as I can try.

Old things fascinate me, especialy old books. Religion equally so.

I'm a sport fencer, mostly in foil, although I do all three. I'm also a fight choreographer, which is fun in an entirely different way.

I'm currently looking for a new city to move to- somewhere relativly big, with strong theatre and a good music scene. I'd love to hear recomendations.

Yeah, yeah, fine, here's the link--- Facebook me!

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